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Tweedle strikes way to high series (June 17, 2018)

Justin Tweedle had an up-and-down fall bowling season with good scores being too infrequent for his liking. Thursday night during the Rolling Thunder league, he found his timing and rolled a 28-strike, three-clean game series of 734. In his warmup deliveries, he noticed that if he set the ball down a little sooner and with less speed, he had good carry. He opened league play with an eight-pin count spare in the fifth frame being the only non-strike frame in the game for a 278 game. Tweedle followed with scores of 235 and 221 for his total. It was one night where his ball-speed adjustment helped him maintain a line to the pocket and good carry to earn the weekly high honors and his first 700 series this yearMore. . .



Bennett repeats as top bowler (June 10, 2018)

Tamarcus Bennett rolled the only 700 series for the second consecutive week to again take the weekly high scoring honors.  More . . .

Fall Leagues


Fall leagues are already forming - more information coming soon! 

Current/Upcoming Tournaments - 2018:

Victoria Latin Bowlers Tournament, July 7-8, Century Lanes (Lee Caballero, Tournament Director:

Tournament Results:

Victoria Senior Tournament 2018 - May 4-5

Senior City Champions:  Male - Bobby Marques (Team 702 / Singles 686/ Total  1388)


                                          Female - Diane Cooley  (Team 723 / Singles 630/ Total  1353)

Senior City Tournament - Final Standings


Victoria USBC Open Tournament 2018 - April 7-8 / 14-15 / 21        

City Champion - Mike Stacy    (Team 693 / Doubles 688 / Singles 630 / Total  2011)

Mike Stacy_2018











Open Tournament - Final Standings

Open Tournament - Prize List

Open Tournament Flyer

Victoria USBC Women's Tournament 2018 - April 7-8 / 14-15 / 21

City Champion - Christine Speer   (Team 589 / Doubles 562 / Singles 577 / Total  1728)

C Speer_2018












Ladies Tournament - Final Standings

Ladies Tournament - Prize List

Women's Tournament Flyer

VUSBC Mixed Doubles Tournament 2018 - 2/17/2018

1st Place     Terri and Glenn Mason (1,304)
2nd Place    Lori and Bruce Hammack (1,300)



Victoria USBC Hall of Fame

Sharon Guinn inducted into the Victoria USBC Hall of Fame - 2017

Sharon Guinn was inducted into the Hall of Fame during the Hall of Fame ceremony held on July 22, 2017 at the Vera Cruz Restaurant.  More . . .










VUSBC Bowlers - In the Spotlight

Seniors Still Enjoy League Bowling

This past January marked a special occasion with the oldest female and male to compete in local league play celebrating birthdays. On January 17 Doris Schmidt reached the age of 88 and is still rolling a bowling ball down the lanes. Doris started bowling in Cuero in the late 1950’s and when she was transferred to Victoria by her employer, Southwestern Bell Telephone in 1960, she joined a league. Through out her many years of bowling she has enjoyed league play at the Victoria Bowling Lanes, Woodlawn and now currently bowls at the Century Lanes in the senior Over The Hill League. Doris was unable to take advantage of bowling lessons in her earlier years because she stated that most of the coaches did not know to adjust to her left handed style. Even though she does not have a high average she was determined enough to win the Women’s Senior City Mixed All Events title in 1988 and 2015.  Dan C. Gutierrez celebrated his 95th birthday on January 11. He too has a long history of Victoria league bowling having started in the late 1950’s at the Victoria Lanes. After bowling a few years in league he stopped bowling for awhile but then joined his brother Carlos Gutierrez at the Century Lanes Over The Hill League in 1989 and then the Woodlawn Lanes in the Woodlawn Senior league and the Recyled Teenagers in 1990. Currently he bowls in the Over The Hill League and was a member of the team that won the league last year.  Both bowlers say they enjoy the game to stay active and the sense of camaraderie that the league offers. They are a great inspiration and example that living an active life one day at a time can help in your senior years.