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Matson edges Silgero for top score (November 18, 2019)

Joey Matson set the weekly bar for local bowlers during the Monday Mixed League with a 26-strike performance with only one split open in the three-game set. More . . .

Schupbach, Picard scorch pins (November 11, 2019)
Kenny Schupbach and Nick Picard were on fire during the last Monday Mixed League session, to be the front-runners in a tremendous scoring week by the bowlers. More . . .

Important Rules Changes - Effective August 1, 2019

Fall Leagues

Fall leagues are still forming!  Click here for a listing of the Fall 2019 leagues OR contact Century Lanes at 361-576-1166 ( 

AWARD SCORES (2019-20) - Congratulations Bowlers!

300 Games
Brian Hyden          9/26/2019    Sundowners League (1st 300 game)
Matthew Flores     9/30/2019    Monday Mixed League (1st 300 game)
Tom Crowe            10/3/2019    Sundowners League
Nick Picard             11/4/2019    Monday Mixed League


800 Series

Tom Crowe            10/10/2019    Sundowners League

VUSBC Tournament Results:

VUSBC Open City Tournament 2019 - April 7-14 - Final Prize Listing

     City Champion:  Mike Stacy  2,036 (Team:  705     Doubles:  675    Singles: 656)

Open City Champion - 2019 - Mike Stacy

VUSBC Women's City Tournament 2019- April 7014 - Final Prize Listing

     City Champion:  Samantha Wharton  1,728 (Team: 486   Doubles: 611   Singles: 631) 

Women's City Champion - 2019 - Samantha Wharton

VUSBC Senior Tournament 2019 - April 3-6 - Final Standings

     Senior All Events Champions:  Jack Mitchell (Male) / Joanna McNary (Female)

Jack Mitchell                               Joanna McNary

VUSBC Mixed Doubles Tournament 2019 - 2/23/2019

1st Place     Justin Tweedle and Christine Speer (1,438)







2nd Place     Patrick Visconti and Niki Visconti (1,376)






3rd Place     Sharon Guinn and Mike Stacy (1,321)





Victoria USBC Hall of Fame

The VUSBC held its 25th Annual Director and Hall of Fame Induction Dinner on July 27 at Vera Cruz Restaurant. Inducted into the HoF for their bowling achievements were Ida Caballero, Trudy Wortham and the father-son duo of John P. Szilagyi and John M. Szilagyi. Thanks to Century Lanes and Mark Redding Realtor for being contributing sponsors to the dinner.  Congratulations to all the new inductees.

Hall of Fame Inductee Bios
Ida Caballero
John M. Szilagyi
John P. Szilagyi
Trudy Wortham

John P. Szilagyi, Trudy Wortham