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         Open City Tournament - Squad Schedules

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                   * EARLY Entry Deadline - Thursday, March 23, 2023 (close of business)
Members of each TEAM entry submitted by the Early Entry Deadline will be included in a drawing for a
                                   bowling ball donated by Century Lanes.

                     FINAL Entry Deadline - Sunday, April 2, 2023 (close of business)

bowling pins  Local Bowling News 

Bennett leads bowlers to take honors (3.16.2023)
Tamarcus Bennett was high for the week with a 24-strike performance during Monday Mixed League play.  More . . .

700 sets plus perfect game earn top billing in local bowling (3.9.2023)
It was a week when pins were flying and strikes were plentiful with six 700 sets and a perfect game being rolled this past week.  More . . .

AWARD SCORES   Congratulations Bowlers!

Kenny Schupbach        300 game^          Monday Nite Mixed, 3/6/2023
T.J. Mooney                300 game^          Monday Nite Mixed, 11/14/2022
T.J. Mooney                805 Series^          Monday Nite Mixed, 11/14/2022
Gary Hatter Jr.            300 game^          Monday Nite Mixed, 9/19/2022

*1st 300 Game
     ^Local history only


VUSBC Tournaments:

VUSBC Blind Draw Bracket Doubles
     ~ Final Results ~

   1st Place - Leonard Malina / Cody Hammack ($700)
   2nd Place - Jack Mitchell / Braxton Mayfield ($450)
   3rd Place - Melvin Shows / Bobby Marques ($150)
   4th Place - Mark Brown / Will Klekar ($150)

  Malina_Hammack           Mitchell_Mayfield        
   Marques_Shows          Brown_Klekar                               

The Eliminator Tournament - 01/14/2023
         ~ Final Results ~

1st Place - Trudy Wortham ($400)
2nd Place - Dave Matthews ($200)
3rd Place - Mike Stacy ($100)
4th Place - Justin Tweedle ($100)

Eliminator Tournament
Mike Stacy~DaveMatthews~Trudy Wortham~Justin Tweedle



Fall Youth Leagues

Ages 5 to 17 - [Bumpers 5 to 8]
Meets:  9/17/2022 @ 1pm (Free Practice)
Starts:  9/24/2022 @ 1pm
Contact:  Century Lanes 361-576-1166

 VUSBC Scholarship Application - 2023 Application forms available now.  Application Deadline - 5/1/2023
      Click here for scholarship information & application form.

Congratulations to Savannah Wharton, recipient of the 2022 VUSBC Scholarship, presented at the VUSBC Hall of Fame banquet held on 7/30/2022.

Savannah Wharton
Savannah Wharton

Victoria USBC Hall of Fame

The 28th Annual Director Installation and Hall of Fame Induction Dinner was held on Saturday, July 30th.  Jim Kashouty (Achievement) and Mike Wortham (Service/Achievement) are the latest members to be inducted into the Victoria USBC Hall of Fame.  Congratulations Jim and Mike!  Click here for bios on the inductees.

M Wortham/J Kashouty     VUSBC Hall of Fame Members
Mike Wortham/Jim Kashouty                                                                               Front Row:  Trudy Wortham, Lori Hammack, Ida Caballero, Abel Garcia, David Flores, Christine Speer, Jim Kashouty
                                                                                                                                           Back Row
:  Lee Caballero, Mike Wortham, Terri Mason, Jacob Silgero, Dave Matthews, Sharon Guinn, Samantha Wharton, John P. Szilagyi, Hank Waters, Steve Zeplin, Morgan Smith


President - Terri Mason
Vice-President - Miles Michalec

Alyssa Adames
Cody Hammack
Rob Lyman
Bobby Marques
TJ Mooney
Aaron Rester
Justin Shoup
Jacob Silgero
Scott Snow
Mike Stacy
Mark Svatek
Niki Visconti
Mike Wortham

Association Manager: Trudy Wortham


Contact Century Lanes at 361.576.1166 or visit for more information regarding leagues.   

Turkey Trotters League
4 Member Ladies' League (bowls monthly)
Starts:  8/14/2022 @ 2pm
Contact:  Karen Filip 361-275-4502

Wild Turkey League
4 Member Mixed League (bowls monthly)
Starts:  8/28/2022 @ 2pm
Contact:  Kim Kuecker 361-243-8552


Over the Hill (Senior League 50 & older)
4 Member Mixed League
Meets:  8/29/2022 @ 1pm
Starts:  9/5/2022  @ 1pm
Contact:  Cecilia Wilson  361-572-9359

Monday Mixed
4 Member Mixed League
Meets:  8/22/2022 @ 7pm
Starts:  8/29/2022 @ 7pm
Contact:  Sharon Guinn 361-648-0224


Captain's League
3 Member Ladies League - 9 Pin No-Tap
Meets:  8/25/2022 @ 10am
Starts:  9/1/2022 @ 10am
Contact: Kristine Staver 563-508-7755

5 Member Mixed League
Meets:  9/1/2022 @ 8pm (after Summer pay out)
Starts:  9/8/2022 @ 7pm
Contact: Lori Hammack  361-214-0400

Youth League
Pee Wee [Bumpers] (Ages 5-8)
Youth (Ages 9-17)

Meets:  9/17/2022 @ 1pm (Free Practice)
Starts:  9/24/2022 @ 1pm
Contact:  Century Lanes  361-576-1166